Expert Option Review

What is an broker?

ExpertOption broker review
ExpertOption broker review

ExpertOption offers you an online trading platform with a range of financial instruments, the platform’s interface is well-designed and easy to use. They started their operations in 2014 and now they execute more than 30 million deals within a month. ExpertOption has more than 100 account managers, with the main focus of meeting all clients’ needs.

ExpertOption has a priority for clients with the primary value of customer service. The company believes in reliable, fastest, and simple trading through various innovative technologies, by offering different services for the traders. You can trade via mobile app and website as well.

Why should I trust the broker?

ExpertOption trust
ExpertOption trust

ExpertOption trading platform provides you access to over 100 financial instruments. This platform is useful for traders, who want to trade with various financial instruments, while it is an ideal platform for those traders, who want to engage in traditional currency trading. ExpertOption offers a platform with a user-friendly interface, a low minimum investment policy, and a range of financial instruments to help the traders.

They also offer a demo account without registration, with virtual balance, and an element of social trading. Beginners can compare their performance and strategies through the social trading element. This platform offers many currencies and cryptocurrencies for trading meanwhile many other brokers just started to offer this type of asset.

How to open a demo account?

ExpertOption - demo account
ExpertOption – demo account

ExpertOption offers an impressive service of a demo account, which is easy to access and use. You do not need to register for the virtual account, in other words, you can try the platform without the registration and fund deposits with virtual balance.

You just need to click a specific button on the ExpertOption’s website and you will get access to the ExpertOption demo account with $1000 balance. Traders do not have to fill any registration form and it saves traders’ time and keep away them from the hassle. The browser will remember the cookies and you can continue the trading with previous results in a demo account.

How to open a real account?

ExpertOption open real account
ExpertOption open real account

You can test-drive the platform from the demo account of the ExpertOption broker, but the main problem is the withdrawal of funds from the demo account, you cannot withdraw funds from the demo account. That’s why you need to open ExpertOption real account, which allows you to make gains and ultimately withdraw them.

To open ExpertOption real account you need to follow some steps; click the signup button, fill the registration form or get registered through Facebook/Google account, enter an 8 digit password, and accept the terms & conditions checkbox to get registered.

After all these steps your account is now active. To start trading you need to follow two more steps; verify your identity as an ExpertOption trader and deposit funds in your account.

Deposits methods on the broker

ExpertOption deposit money
ExpertOption deposit money

If you want to start trading with the real account then you need to deposit funds in your ExpertOption account, just go to the Finances tab on the left side of the main bar. Click the Deposit button and deposit funds through different payment methods, also choose your currency and deposit amount.

You can deposit funds through various payment methods and they include debit or credit card (MasterCard and Visa), cryptocurrencies, Maestro, and other options like UnionPay, WebMoney, Neteller, Skrill, Perfect Money, QIWI, FasaPay, and Yandex Money.

You can deposit a minimum amount of $50 and get access to the Basic account. The maximum deposit size is set to $3,000 and it will grant you a premium account with full-fledged features.

Why should I pass verification?

Yes, you need to pass the verification process because of the Terms & Conditions and Know Your Customer (KYC). If you did not pass the verification process then you will not able to withdraw your funds. The verification process will allow the ExpertOption broker to verify the completeness and truthfulness of the information provided by you, during the registration process.

A trader has to provide the following information; Photocopy of passport or ID, confirmation of the account that it exists like the scan of Bank Card (debit or credit) from both sides. All these verification processes will take approximately 10 working days just after ExpertOption gets your application.

How to contact the support?

You can contact ExpertOption customer support by email, online chat, and phone. Online chat is one of the most convenient and easy ways to contact the broker. Online chat support is available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. The main benefit of online chat is a fast reply from the ExpertOption broker within 2 minutes.

You can contact customer support by email, if you do not need any fast reply then just send an email to the broker. It is recommended to send an email by the registration email, it helps the ExpertOption to find your trading account easily.

Another way to contact support is by phone number, customer service of ExpertOption can assist traders in many different languages. Just choose the country that you need and call the broker’s customer service, call charges will be charged according to the tariffs.

How to withdraw money from the broker?

ExpertOption withdrawal
ExpertOption withdrawal

You need to choose the deposit method carefully because you can only withdraw your profits from the account with the same method. Therefore, it is important to choose the deposit method carefully while opening a real account with an ExpertOption broker.

You can withdraw funds by following steps; click the Finance button, go to the withdrawal tab, choose the payment options, such as PayPal, add the desired amount that you want to withdraw, and click the withdraw now button. Once you are done with the withdrawal request, the broker will process it within 48 to 72 hours.

How to login to the account?

ExpertOption Login
ExpertOption Login

As we know that ExpertOption has smartphone apps, Windows app, macOS apps, and you can also log in ExpertOption through the website. On the website you will find a login ExpertOption button, you need to use that button to log in, if you already have an account on the ExpertOption platform, and start trading by entering your credentials. You can log in with your email account, Google account, and Facebook account as well. If you forgot your password, click on forgot password button, and follow the steps to reset the password. If you do not remember your user name or registered email, you can easily contact the 24/7 customer service of ExpertOption and asked them to help you.

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